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When you retreat (we all have to sometimes), be careful when you jump off a balcony or a catwalk. When you do this you become a very easy target in mid air.
Jumping in battle is always a bad idea unless you're avoiding rockets.
• Kristi from Voltz

In checkmate, if you have any C4 with you and you have low hp and you have the flag and running through the hallway, if your enemy pops up and running to you throw a C4 on the ground and instantly blow it up once your out of the damage range and it will act as a smoke screen against them it's what i do :D
• Mac

In warlords try to keep ahead of your opponnent as in firing threw the little windows in there base as they spawn to keep there HP low for an easier kill (pre fire and pre-aim). Mine your flag when u blow it up as they run threw ur flag if they have amp and there running in ur base goto the tunnel in ur base and wait for them to run past u can shoot them in the back and they will never even see you..when your middle and your oppent grabs flag hide to the right of the window at your base and they will jump out and they will never see you easy kill CM- spawn kills and rail is pretty much it
wars- try to find a good person on defence and keep hidden carrying the flag....
--Never underestimate your oppenent
• FlaG

If you are a railer NEVER stop moving. When you jump around or jump off anything press crouch continuously and you will move randomly up and down. it is hard to hit a person doing this so try it and you might not get hit :D
Rails = Life!
• -|xR|-HeretiC

You must take a good asortment of weapons into a battle. When your magazine is low, change to the next weapon quickly and that will give you some extra seconds for shooting!
• !Prototyp 49!

Never stop moving! I see new players (and some not so new players) all the time stopping to take a shot and it's easy pickings for snipers like me. Learn to shoot on the move and dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge some more.
• Trump!

In CTF you should always know where the other team members are. If you are getting the flag ask someone to cover you, and tell everyone where you are going. For example, in the map Warlords, if you are getting the flag tell your team in team chat "cover me im getting flag through tunnels" or "cover me im capping on roof". This way your teammates will know where to go to help you. It's also handy to have someone stay in your base, not as a camper, but as defense to stop the flag being stolen. If they die they can tell you; again using team chat, where the flag stealer went so you can intercept them before they cap.
• Merk

Id would like to comment on ops-X-vOIZy tip.
Many players now don't care about the flag carrier anymore. They would rather camp in the enemies base and wait until the flag carrier gets killed so they can get the flag and run out with it. What they dont understand is that they will get killed the same way as the last one did. I myself know wery few players now who still protect the flag carrier like [EG]Pimmetje and some others. But if this goes on like this for too long there wont be anyone left anymore. So the point of this tip is when you see your teammate with the flag you should try and help him because CTF is all about teamwork.
• #[EST]#

When Facing in 1 vs 1's , it's pretty good to be a stealthy Fighter. Especially with the rail.. One thing you should do is to pay attention to the pick up sounds of weapons and items so you can tell where a player may be.
• >CB^S> ElySioN - AoShi ShiNoMori

Always relax when you are playing. When you shoot dont be really tense.
Just cool down steady your arm and shoot. This is when you are playing rail. If you get upset at all just chill and keep going. Let your anger turn into frags :)
• {GhG} MiniCarl |L|

Hint for beginners in CTF...
Don't go hide and throw C4's at your flag and then wait for an enemy. Even if you kill him/her you will get only 1 or maybe 2 frags if you return the flag. Instead try to go frag someone out. Even if you die it doesn't matter it doesn't count your death's and you will help more your team if you try to get your flag even if you die ;)
• -{HC}Nightmare

For CTF always send out your guys to help transport the flag back. If you have any crap players who can't capture the flag, then get them to jump in front of the flag carrier like a human shield. Sure they might die but you willl still get a cap if you are lucky and have a lot of cannon fodder's on your team for maximum Protection :) Also sometimes a quick blitz will work. Send maybe 1 or 2 players in to get the flag in and out real quick. Trust me, dont worry about other players shooting at ya, just run like a crazy.
• -*RD*-komodo

During a 1 vs 1, it is always good to go into stealth mode and surprise the opponent with a Rail from a safe place. Then again, to counter this, you should pay much attention to pick up sounds of weapons, health kits, armor, etc. So you have a clue on where they will be.
• >CB^S> ElySioN / AoShi ShiNoMori

Tips for beginners...First,make sure all you're controls and configurations are set to your best postions, next learn movements while shooting weapons...running backwards(reverse) while shooting..jumping in a wild frenzy and shooting "very important"...always try to keep armor and health ..even amps...aiming for there heads will kill faster than the body...never stand still(unless your a very good sniper)...I find rookies irritable when using Rocket Launcher...tip* aim at the ground before there feet...not actually at them...also very good arsenal while running in reverse shooting....
• Thy Serpent

If nobody is near you in DM fire your weapon and make heaps of noise. People should appear as if from nowhere for a duel!
• Paul Robinson

FPS means First person shooter fps means frames per second - get the fps as high as possible - playing with no sound and not showing the first person weapon will elliminate all CPU slow downs if your pc is crap. Playing on servers with a low ping also helps.
• Paul Robinson

"Use the FORCE" with the rail gun when you're chasing - dont use the scope if ur enemy just ran around a corner - stride (move sideways) as you're following and predict where he\she'll be and fire.
• Paul Robinson

Have the control baton set as the highest priority weapon with auto switch weapons on and auto swich explosives off. When you run out of the ammo for your weapon of choice the baton is a highly effective, completly unexpected and really humiliating way to defeat your opponant.
• Paul Robinson

In CTF have some consideration for your team mates. Some people pick up every weapon they see even if they don't intend to use them. Your team will do a lot better if you leave some weapons in your base for those who are killed and respawn there. Also if you aren't a very good player, sometimes you can help simply by being cannon fodder. Distracting the enemy can help the better players get in. Remember that you win CTF with flags not frags. You can also charge in as a group instead of going in one at a time and being easily picked off.
• Kiliad of Oz

If you ever find you're self up against a modder there are a few ways to deal with the situation, first off make a pact with you'r team not to spawn until the scum is gone, if that doesn't work you can always leave but I don't like to see a good game go to waste so... here are a few tips for mod hunting, the shotgun or rail are the weapon of choice for this situation if you can hit him with a rail he's dead, if you can hit him in the head with a first mode shotgun shot he's also dead.
• -{SfJ}-ChAnCe

(1) Make sure all the control keys to important weapons (not necessarily the most powerful ones, but definitely your favorites) are within reach with no "finger twister" action. (2) When enemies follow you, pretend you're retreating (or didn't see them), hide behind a pillar or in a door (careful of rail drivers) and wait for them to follow you (most of them can't resist). Then, quickly go for their throats with the baton or shotgun. (3) Don't wait until your magazine is empty to reload. Or better yet: if you have a ton of weapons, switch weapons while you still have a few bullets left in your magazine. When things calm down or you manage to get away form a hot spot, reload! (4) When ]Eve[PXPX enters the game, cross your fingers and hope he'll be on your team! :)
• $inistra£

When using the rail driver, strafing left to right, faster doesn't mean better. randomized strafing patterns helps to confuse the opponent, if you do not make the movements appear to be random, you will probably be shot. Shooting with the rail is a little different than another gun, you should strafe left to right till the opponent is in view, then sever the head from the body :P
• Dahmuno -(z.d)-

Often in CTF games there is a 1 on 1 fight between the flag-carriers, I find jumping madly and crouching in mid-air makes you a very hard target to hit, especially if you move while doing it.
• {WS} Cptn Planet

When playing NEVER EVER jump, it makes it very easy for your opposing team to kill you that way, always side step left and right with the HMG or Shotgun and blow the crap outta them.
• (TRS)BlackHawk

I have always found studying a players movements and there pathways is a real good approach. There are so many easy to read players out there so get them before they get you. Also when in a dogfight with someone, try circling them until you get behind them then shoot them in the back ;)
• FURYweb

Against players that aren't so bright, u can use the hide and charge method to mow them down. When you are engaged in a fight with a player, pause, and run for cover behind a pillar or a corner. Wait for them to approach, when you can hear their footsteps getting closer, you can quickly charge back round the corner, with a gun. I find the baton does the job, AND cheeses them off. Then you can get a clear shot and most of the time you will emerge with only a few scratches.
• {MOC} UrkiE-UK

When charging through the enemy's base and you see a mine and you also have a rail. Put your heat seeking scope on and search around the area where the mine is. (Hopefully you'll find the camper waiting for a fool to stroll on in :P) Blast him and most-likely he'll get pissed...WHO CARES :)
• [BZH|oNeJustin

I have a few small tips that will definitely help you get those frags up and that anger down. 1) Set up your weapons to auto select, this is most handy when in a high-action DM game. 2) When someone fires at Fusion at you fun for the nearest cover because you can't out run a fusion, the cover can be anything, one of those frames on the lobby roof saved my life. 3) Always try to get behind the person you are trying to kill, zig-zag, go crazy make sure the other guy is the only one who gets hit. 4) Keep a close eye on the armor, without it, your dead! 5) When someone is chasing you run quickly behind a wall then switch to the shotgun and when he comes running towards you. He wont make it. I always use this trick on the lobby. 6) DM isn't a game for nice guys lol, do what I do, go after the weak guys.
• NetNerd85

When in a CTF game try to stay in groups when rushing the base. When you rush the base with your whole team you have a better chance of getting the flag. And if the enemy gets your flag while you are rushing their base, get it on the way back to your base, because even though some of your teammates may die while rushing you still have some by your side.
• SprItGod

If you're planning on being a flag carrier, learn to run around maps backwards. This may sound slightly strange at first, but more often than not the enemy will be charging out their base following you, irrespective of whether they've had time to pick up any weapons/armor or not, rather than heading towards you from your base. If you're running backwards towards your own base, you'll be more likely to be facing your enemies and hence able to shoot back and stand a better chance of dodging their fire. The REAL skill comes in being able to do this whilst running over health and armor packs and not bumping into corners or falling down holes or off ledges (unless you mean to of course :)).
• [4WD] Lucretia#

Sticking a remote charge to someone's ace is a great laugh but not everyone one has the skill to manage it (me included), but they can really but handy if you need to make a hasty retreat. Just drop them on the ground as you're running away from an enemy and detonate. Even if you don't kill them they usually try to dodge out of the way. This slows them down and puts their aim off.
• Kiliad of Oz

Never leave the flag carrier by himself. Just dispatch a few team members to retrieve your flag, but leave about two with the flag carrier. Plus. if you are attacking the enemy flag carrier, and he is in his own base, ignore the other people because they will respawn up your arse and most likely overwhelm and kill you. just go for the flag and if you return it well done, but make sure you get to it before anyone else does.
• {MOC} UrkiE-UK

When firing, jump right and left and do a combo like right, left, left, jump so you circle around the person so its harder for them to shoot you and just try to kill them off.
• LI|<eN()tA

When using the grenade, it is best to throw it towards the ceiling over the enemy to compensate for the inaccuracies of it, and if your lucky, on some maps blocks will fall down on top of them. The grenade is also a good deterrent if you can get it off because they run away from it faster than a fusion because they know you have more than one shot.
• solident

When defending the flag carrier, obstruct the paths of the enemy. Then the only way they can get the flag back is through you. In an open battlefield, ensure the safety of the carrier. Draw their fire, place the trap for the enemy. Don't let them get your flag so they can buy more time, that would mean less people to defend the flag and more people to chase the flag. Do what it takes to defend, even act as a human shield if necessary to buy the carrier more time because he/she could have low health left to capture the flag.
• Mr. Squirrel

The best way to survive is to know where everything is at. If you know the level and know where to get certain things in the level then you will be much better off when it comes time to put your plan into action.
• Dr@gon

What most people forget about using the baton is that the baton isn't a one hit kill. Shocking them in the head is more effective than shocking them in the chest. Also crouching to stun would help you dodge bullets. Couching and Strafing in a pattern will throw the enemy's aim off because they won't know where to aim at the turn of the next corner.
• Mr. Squirrel

Do not overlook the Rail Driver for close combat. Sure, you might take some hits lining up or most comically, running to point blank for a guaranteed hit, but one shot and the enemy's down. I've managed to kill multiple people with one shot before.
• Anarkos

In maps like Sniper City plus a few others, you can often see the flash of the rail driver or rocket launcher through walls. With a little practice you can pick off players with the rail driver by aiming a little to the left or right of the flash. Often a direct hit isn't necessary. It drives people crazy when you can pull this one off several times in a row. The damage amp similarly shows up through walls.
• Kiliad of Oz

I have found that in my opinion the shotgun is the most effective close up weapon. Also the mini sub machine gun, although fast, sucks like a fish! I also like the rocket launcher and with a little aiming practice have gotten good at aiming it for one shot kills. I use the rockets until I get closer to the flag then I switch to the shotgun for close action kills since the rockets tend to inflict a lot of self damage if blown to close to your own body.
• BigBrownTruk

A common mistake when dodging the rocket launcher is running away from the rocket and not taking cover. The Fusion sends shockwaves which is the real killer that is giving the Fusion Rocket holder the frags. When someone shoots a fusion, know where the rocket is, then take cover, and pray the rocket won't enter where your taking cover. If your in an open area, head for a tunnel or hole in the floor.
• Mr. Squirrel

I learned it is wise to take the few extra seconds and find all the armor and health you can find generally using the 200 health boxes and the 200 armor vests. These both will give you a 200/200 health/armor. It will keep you in battle longer without being killed and usually tend to keep you alive while your opponent drops like a fly and calls you a cheater!
• BigBrownTruk

If you are guarding your teams flag always try to stay out of sight. Remember if you can see them than they can most likely see you! Maybe try a little C4 on the flag, but just be ready to switch weapons because sometimes it doesn't kill the enemy. However, it does hurt them severely giving you an easy kill in four or five shots afterwards. If your flag does get stolen just remember the ways that it can leave your base. If you can recognize the most common escape routes most of the time you can catch your enemy off guard taking that escape route.
• Dr@gon

To have a better chance of living through a impact of an fusion turn around and dont look at the flash of light that the fusion rocket launcher makes when hits the wall, ground etc.
• neilrulz4eva

Always try to aim for your targets head, sometimes its hard to hit but when you do... double damage :)
• Shadow

In some maps, geomodding can be a great advantage over the opposing team. Blue team especially, the dark colors of the geomod can conceal you and make a nice sniping area. Also, not everybody looks in corners, so you can hide in one and get them from behind.
• **clam**|Sha|)E

Small rapid steps left and right is better defense against the rail then long strides left and right and also better than jumping back and fourth because when you are in the air you aren't as fast and agile as on the ground. By doing this you are way harder to hit.
• [BC]Strider

Always be on your guard for those yellow C4 Mining Charges, as some people like to camp with them and they can hurt...A LOT.
• killerswede

The shotgun, although it isn't very accurate, it actually has a pattern of where its projectiles hit.
To get the most shots into your enemy from a medium range, just aim a little to the left or right, it will NEVER hit where your crosshair is aimed.
• {MOC} UrkiE-UK

Another tip I learned from is to make sure you have your favorite weapons assigned to an easy-to-reach hotkey. I like to use Assault Rifle and if I get to the end of a clip (and I am mid-skirmish), quickly switch to shotgun as switching is faster than reloading, chances are the other guy may be reloading at this point too, but by the time he's reloaded, you've taken his head off with the shotgun!

When the other team has your flag and is getting ready to cap it, set up with a rail and take them out right before they cap it. For some reason right when people are close to capping the flag they get cocky and think they are home free.
• <HtR>ViolatoR

When you are Sniping here are a few pointers: Use the sniper rifle, but have an Assault Rifle or HMG ready for people trying to kill you at point blank. Don't use the most common sniping place in the map, the enemy will look there first. Hide in holes, behind rubble and in shadows. Go for head shots as much as possible. It almost guarantees a kill. Try to pick a place where you can take out as many enemies as possible, but is well hidden. When reloading, move out of sight of any enemies as this could get you killed.
• siCkNe$$

If you have a Rail Driver handy and a enemy is using a jump pad it is much easier to try and hit them head on rather then shooting at them from a distance and hoping they die.
• <F^C>Zombie-UA

Even at point blank range the pistol is way better than the baton. Just shoot them 1 or 2 times in the head and they will be dead. And if you see or hear somebody goofing around with a baton you can just walk away from them while annihilating them with bullets.
• killerswede

When using the rocket launcher use the splash damage of rockets wisely. Don't aim a rocket at the enemy directly. Aim it at their feet or a nearby wall.
• (CSD)NapalmDawn

To keep calm in a game (which means thinking clearly) just accept it when you get killed. Some people who think they're so elite, whine like babies when someone kills them. Just accept it, move on, and beat their rear end with the BATON! Woot :p

HoW bouT GeTTin ur EntiRe TeaM tO pUt ChArgES aRouNd ur oWn FlaG and WheN the MSG ShoWS Up SayIn Da EnEmy HaZ dA flaG all MemBers preSS the ChaRges And Da GuY is BlowN SKy HIgH....
• RiTe

Whenever going in for the enemy's flag be sure to pick up any weapon you might see along the way, especially in or around their base. By picking up the weapons you will leave your opponents helpless without a powerful weapon to go get their flag back with.
• Dr@gon

Go all out all the time. It is only a game and you can't get hurt. If you die rush them again and again and again.
Nothing wrong with sniping but you can't get the flag by sitting in a corner waiting to take someone out that just happens to walk into your scope view. I do snipe some maps but I always have a eye out to help the flag man.
• AOD_me again

Always kill the defender of the flag carrier first, not the flag carrier himself (or herself) because most time he/she will walk straight to his/her base and don't shoot at followers.
• Nirv

A cheeky trick to use on maps such as CM it to hide in the top corner of their side of the main room. By taking the upper route and carefully making your way onto the ledges on THEIR side of the main hallway. I find this tactic far more useful than camping there and chucking remote charges on the floor. this works ALL the time if you do it correctly, just make sure they don't see you beforehand, and watch out for people walking across the walkways above the main bit, they will be able to see you if you are not careful.
• {MOC} UrkiE-UK

In checkmate to defend the upper hallways, using geo-mod blow a hole in the pillars at the back of your base. From there you can see the two upper hallways and defend.
• Death is the KEY

If you have to give, give your life for the good of the team.

Don't overlook the baton. Sure it may seem funny but its quite strong and drops opponents fast. When your in close quarters use the baton in stun mode and run straight at enemies, it beats the pistol for damage and makes you better at dodging!
• |SX|Violator-X-

The most critical thing is control setup. Experiment with different ones until you find something you are comfortable with. Make sure you can easily crouch, jump, strafe and move backwards and forwards easily without tying yourself up in knots. Aiming is next most important, so try adjusting the mouse sensitivity until it works best for you.

Do you hate it when people use the heavy machine gun? I know I do. A good tip for battling them is to keep moving. The HMG isn't very accurate and if you keep moving it will damage you less and they might even have to reload. And it takes a while to reload the HMG. Also use something like the shotgun that kills fast and pop around the corner and blast them.
• <HtR>ViolatoR

The Sniper Rifle is terribly inaccurate without the scope engaged and extremely accurate with it engaged. That means you should try to use the scope almost any time, short or long range. It can be tough to use the scope at short range though, but once you have learned it, the sniper is a top 3 weapon. Unless you cant get a headshot easily, then this is a bad weapon.
• killerswede

When using the Fusion Rocket Launcher and firing it in small areas where you need to take out the enemy but you need to stay alive try firing it and taking cover behind anything; such as a ramp going up, or a pillar, or even a rock works. Even if it is detonated a few feet away from you, you still have a good chance at living. If you cannot see the direct impact of the launcher you will most likely not die but you may take some damage.
• Dr@gon

Covering the flag carrier is one of the hardest parts, be sure to take out people armed with strong weapons first. Pick the right distance from the carrier, not to close or you will draw fire to him and get him killed and not to far away in a case you need to take a few bullets for him. Be alert for him as well in case he dies, it's up to you to take the flag. No need to follow the carrier all the way back, sometimes it's good to stop at a corner take out a shotgun, wait and pop up taking as many as you can out. Think of it as a counter attack. HMG is a nice tool for pushing the enemy back... shotgun to. If you have an accurate aim you might want to try the precision rifle, but still be equipped with a shotgun or a HMG for close combat. As seen it's good to have a lot of weapons, rocket launcher comes in handy when escaping in a crooked or a tight exit. If you manage to take out everyone behind you and still be behind the carrier watch for towers and bridges, since the enemy tends to ambush from them.
• ops-X-vOIZy

If you are going to take the sniping approach when playing don't stay in the same place. You may think its a good location but after you kill someone a few times they start to catch on to your location. Instead find a couple locations and move back and fourth to them frequently so you don't get caught in the same spot.
• Dr@gon

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