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This is my Anti THQ page. Enjoy my view.

THQ is dedicated to producing great games like WWE Raw, Bob The Builder, Britney's Dance Beat, Hot Wheels Adventure Racing, Jimmy Neutron, Power Rangers, Rugrats, Sponge Bob Square Pants, oh and lets not forget the great Red Faction and Red Faction II series. Wait a minute, all those games don't sound like they go together. That's probably because they don't. Red Faction was way out of THQ's league. So much in fact that they decided to shun the game and pretend as if it wasn't even theirs. So much in fact that they don't even reply to emails when you send them one about Red Faction. Go ahead, give it a try. I bet you don't get one back! Quite frankly I am really surprised that they even have the game featured on their site. That's probably just some stipulation they have to follow since they are just a big corporate producer. Some big corporate producer that doesn't really care to support their products. You can tell that's the reason they stick to all those little pre-teen games. Because they know the little tykes aren't going to complain about problems in a game if they should happen to find one. When you make a game that involves a little more than animated cartoon characters running around collecting things and playing in happy land, you are going to have to be prepared for what might come. THQ chooses to ignore these things and continue on with their little animated masterpieces, even though the problems that have arose cripple the very point of the game being played.

Many people put the blame for Red Faction's problems on Volition, as I did myself at first. However, Volition is not the real problem here although they are the actual creators of the PC version of Red Faction. It is Volition's problem with the programming of the game that allows such cheats to be used and pretty much render the games fun, but THQ is the one who is in charge. The one who has the final say on everything that goes on behind the scenes. The one who tells Volition that there will no longer be support for Red Faction. The one who closes down the Red Faction community bulletin boards because they are tired of being reminded of the problems with their game. The one who shuns their own game because of problems they don't want to take the time to fix. For all we know, Volition eventually may have been able to create a good patch for Red Faction and solve the problems with the cheats, but were they given the time? We don't know. I find it hard to believe that members of the community can solve the problem by making their own patch, but yet a company that creates games as a profession cant figure it out. As most of the community lost hope for Red Faction, there was soon news about Red Faction II. Most of the community soon started to look forward to Red Faction II and hope for new light and a new online sequel that would leave out the sour taste of Red Faction online, but soon enough THQ stepped their big corporate foot in the door once again. THQ had the bright idea to stop the problems that occurred in Red Faction at the very start by not even including the features from which they developed. They figure if they don't include any online play in Red Faction II they wont have to worry about supporting it in the future if problems should arise. Yep they will just kick up some dust with Red Faction II, slide it out the door, and then move on to the next project never looking back. That's just how they work, and now you know.

Personally, I think this is about the most idiotic way of going about the creation of a sequel possible. Especially, a sequel following a game that had the problems that Red Faction did. But that's just my opinion and I am just a 23 year old consumer that doesn't really mean much. If I were in THQ's shoes, I would have wanted to come back with a sequel that would blow the communities minds. Something that was so good I would be able to show my customers that I was making up for the mistakes with the first. The Red Faction Geo Mod engine is the most advanced technology in the gaming industry, but look what they did with it. There is so much more potential for the game, but THQ just cant wait a little bit longer to make it a little bit better for us looking forward to it. That is why THQ sucks!

I know there are others out there that agree with what I ranted about here and I urge you to not buy THQ's lame excuse for a sequel, Red Faction II or any other game published by THQ for that matter. If you do then you are just showing them that you don't care about how little effort they put into their games and will accept anything they throw at you, no matter how half assed its created and unsupported. When shopping for new games take a look at the logos on the package. If you see the THQ logo similar to the one below, put it back on the shelf and don't think about buying it again.

Dr@gon - 1/18/2002

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