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 Eko Mod

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Eko is a brand new mod which brings new weapons, sounds, effects, items, player effects, and much more. Eko is the future of Red Faction weapons!


 Hive Mod

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HIVE is a weapons modification that contains 13 modified weapons, 11 of which have been completely remodeled, 7 new maps, all new items, new textures, new sounds and more.


 Iron Sun Mod

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The Iron Sun mod is a mod replicating scenarios real special forces undertake. The mod features all new weapon models, a new HUD, new sounds, new realistic maps, new game play and more.


Ultor Corps

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Ultor Corps Gaming Team have been working on a new mod for Red Faction for almost 2 years now, Ultor Corps (Pronouced "Ultor Kore"). This is a radical mod of Red Faction including; custom characters, weapons, voice actors, vehicles, cut scenes, textures, music, multi player maps and a new single player plot.

Building off Red Faction, Ultor Corps takes place after the revolts on Mars. You play as a former Ultor Corps Officer Lt. Max Diesel. After being court-martialed for disobeying orders, you are sentenced to probation on Pluto. The single player starts en route to Pluto. There will be 2 types of multi player, one which has space fighters, and one which has new weapons.

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