Best of DM - Part 2

This is the second of two mappacks I made along time ago of what I felt where the best produced custom maps in the DM category. I chose the maps based on design (layout, look), gameplay (spawn points, map size, weapon placement, fps) and filesize (so people will slow connections can still enjoy it without having to wait forever). This second pack is 23mb and contains the following 11 maps.

Included Maps:

DM-Chicago :: by Tico Torres
DM-Deck 16 :: by Daedalus
DM-Doomed :: by Jan Radt
DM-Hermis 2 :: by LoNe WoLf
DM-Island Jam :: by Tico Torres
DM-MoRF-Area 52 :: by DarkProject
DM-MoRF-Grid :: by DarkProject
DM-Pacman :: by Tico Torres
DM-Pain Opera :: by Jan Radt
DM-SpikeY :: by TrotSkie
DM-XIII-NES :: by The Mask


Just double click bestofdm-part2-mp.exe to start the installation, then locate and install the mappack in your \user_maps\multi folder.

The default location for multiplayer maps is C:\games\RedFaction\user_maps\multi