ACE and Fate's Map Pack

This map pack contains 8 Capture The Flag maps.

Included Maps:

CTF-Bunkers Rails by CSW {OF_BoXaToYs}
CTF-Castle Rails by fudge0/B.A.R.F.
CTF-CheckMate Anti-Noob by Mark Lewis/TrotSkie
CTF-Infinity Rails by +Cheese+
CTF-Metaldeath Rail by P.U.B.H.
CTF-Regicide Rail by --ReWiReD--
CTF-Spacelords by Tico Torres
CTF-Warlords *T3* Rail by Fate-Destiny


Just double click acenfates-mp.exe to start the installation, then locate and install the mappack in your \user_maps\multi folder.

The default location for multiplayer maps is C:\games\RedFaction\user_maps\multi